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What is a Virtual Event?

With vLink Events, you can create a virtual event that has the same features and characteristics of a traditional in-person event.


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Welcome Attendees in the

Event Lobby

Each event has a fully brandable lobby to welcome attendees.

By clicking the registration desk, attendees can sign up for, or login to an event.

Once logged in, attendees can update their profile, see a complete directory of other attendees, navigate to different rooms or engage with one another.


vLink Events Virtual Event Lobby, Custom Made to Suit Your Virtual Event
Virtual Event Lobby Receptionist is Available to Greet Guests and Answer Questions Live
Virtual Event Lobby to Greet All Virtual Attendees

Real Life Events in a Virtual Setting

vLink Events brings a real-life event to a virtual setting. 

With the main stages and breakout rooms for presenters, you can ensure your attendees get the most effective and real-life experience, from anywhere in the world. 


Stage Speaker Speaking to a Large Audience in a Virtual Event Settings
Empty Breakout Room Shows Where Attendees to Go for Breakout Sessions
A Full Breakout room to Show Attendees in a Breakout Session
Empty Breakout Session Room
Full Breakout Room Presentation for a Private Session
Empty Breakout Session Room For Private Meetings
Live Breakout Session Full of Attendees

Network With Ease

vLink Events includes a beautiful networking lounge that fosters networking, drives engagement to sponsors, and encourages topical discussion groups.

Attendees can join one-on-one or group conversations with just a few clicks.


Demo Lounge to Showcase Various Networking Rooms
One-On-One Networking
Virtual One-On-One Networking

Exhibit Halls & Spotlight Sponsors

Set up exhibit halls and spotlight sponsors for your event with ease. 

Attendees can explore a virtual exhibit hall where they can network, learn about new products or services and so much more.


Demo Virtual Exhibition Booth
Virtual Exhibition Booth
Exhibition Booth Layout for a Virtual Exhibition Hall
Virtual Exhibition Booth for a Virtual Exhibition Hall

Push Notifications

Push notifications allow event organizers to remind attendees of specific agenda items or even encourage them to come back to the event as long as their browser is still active.


Virtual Events Push Notifications

Detailed Reporting

Detail engagement reports show which attendees were the most engaged throughout the event. Various Easter eggs provide simple gamification and keep attendees more engaged and stay at the event longer.


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